Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Evolution diapers gets the patent!

While I've been following the Evolution Diapers patent story for some time now, I've been slow to publish it here. (Sorry!) For the blog post where I talked about the story, see here! While the patent was announced by Evolution diapers on March 18th, Today it's official, and the patent for the one sized diapers buttonhole elastic design was published onto the patenting website! I'm wondering what Fuzzibunz is going to do from here, and what action Evolution Diapers is planning on taking. I guess we'll see what's happening in the next few weeks in regards to all of that. 
It's really nice to see a work at home mom company come out on top of a corporate giant. Fuzzibunz never did get back to me on the patenting issue, and never told me where they were made (China, by the way). Really says something about their customer support.

Disclaimer: I don't work for either company, and have never been paid to say anything by either company. all opinions are my own.


  1. That is just awesome!! :) You haven't been on Skype in some time... When are you guys moving again? Soon, I think...

  2. We have this aweful virus on our computer and it's wiped out skype and internet explorer. :[

    We're moving tomorrow! It's so stressful trying to get everything done before then.

  3. aww :( IE is terrible anyways :p
    Did you get a chance to read either of the books yet?

  4. I've looked though the do it yourself one! If you wanted one back right away, maybe I could bring that one back so i can read the buddah one. I haven't had much time :3

  5. So unless I'm misunderstanding... that patent reads that the adjustable elastic is connected at one end and disengagably fastened at the other end. FuzziBunz's elastic is disengagably fastened on both ends....


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