Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eni meany miney moe.

Ah, it's 3am already! I spent the last two hours going through Luca's clothes, sorting out which were too small, destined for the donation bin. Nothing really could have prepared me for his little socks though. Oh my. I can't believe his feet were that small... ever. I cried putting them in the bag, heh. Everytime I do this, I always keep a pair and put them in my keepsake box.
Notable part of my day, I gave my mom the ring my ex gave me. Feels nice to have it mean something positive to someone. I have accumulated so much junk, everytime I go through things, I end up finding something I'd prefer to never have seen again. This usually ends in a bonfire. 

Sleep now!


  1. haha, aww. This is what I'll be doing when we move. I need to go through things in a 3rd party perspective. I get too attached to things and it needs to stop. hehe!

  2. I know! Soon I'll be making a second keepsake box aha.

    Fabric scraps are worst for me. I have like three garbage bags full of them :|

  3. Those types of things I could never get rid of, as well as yarn scraps. You never know when you'll need them! Plus what if it came to an apocalypse and you'd be wishing you had them after all!

  4. And rope. I figure rope would be a nice thing to have


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