Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving... again!

Well it looks like we're moving again. I'm disappointed about the entire thing, being that this trailer is so perfect for us other then a few small things and one BIG thing. It's a three bedroom trailer, and although the rooms are pretty small, I have my own room, next to Luca's room and Dennis has his own game room. The biggest perk? The trailer is right next door to Dennies moms house, which has been such a huge help because she's great with Luca and helps us get into town. No carpet, all laminate.. The area is great, just enough out of town to be assured we're not living in and breathing in the pulp mill smog, and close enough that we're still on the bus route. Oh! and did I mention the yard and shed that I could easily turn into a greenhouse? No? Well all of this and the fact that it only cost us six hundred dollars (and those damn utilities) to live here each month.

So why would we move? One day we noticed our walls leaking brown fluid from under the windows. We were kind of weary, and when we cleaned the brown fluid away, the paint had been eaten away. After a quick check on google, it began to
look like we had a black mold problem. But only under one window. So we boycotted that room. Quarantined it. Ignored the headaches and congestion... until ooze began coming out of all the windows, and black spots began eating through the fresh paint. Fresh paint 'someone' knowingly painted over the mold. For anyone reading this blog, paint does NOT fix mold. It's just an easy way to trick a family into renting your shitty trailer. Now, I'm trying really hard to convince myself that she may have not known about the mold. Maybe she didn't know the severity of the mold situation, but when I asked if she'd be able to come and have a look, her reluctance told me that she was pretty aware of it being there. When I went to the docter about all of the headaches, congestion, fatigue and general shittyness, she checked me over and asked if I had come in contact with black mold. When I told her my landlord was waiting till spring to deal with the issues she told me to move out as soon as possible because there are no reasons for waiting to clean the mold up. Then she told me of the risks involved with not just me but Luca as well. I moved to the hart area to escape air pollution. Yuck.

There are also some other pretty minor things... like the pilot light going out while we're sleeping, and having about 6 of my fish and shrimp die as a result. Now, I really love my fish. I'm a big ol' softie, and I don't like to see them die. Especially when it's from something like freezing to death. The hot water tank, for a three bedroom trailer, is pitiful. Honestly. If I do dishes, I can't shower. I can't fill a tub up more then two inches before it runs out of hot water, so in order to bathe Luca, I need to fill the sink (which he's WAY too big for) and sponge bathe him. It's not easy when he's both a slippery and squirmy 7 month old. We're on a three year lease. Hopefully she lets us go without any kerfuffle. Even though I feel like I should be causing some sort of kerfuffle because I really hope she doesn't get some other family in here. Black mold isn't okay, and landlords have an obligation to deal with problems as severe and detrimental to health it as soon as they show up. So off I go, to put my one months notice in.

(Expect a follow up blog fairly soon)

((The word "kerfuffle" is in spell check. Not even kidding))


  1. THAT IS SO GROSS! I'm so glad you guys figured out what it was before serious damage was done to you guys!!
    That totally sounds like something out of a horror movie "the walls began to leak brown fluid" haha.
    Where are you guys thinking of moving?
    We're moving into the 2 bedroom apartments of this same complex, it's only 621 a month and they are ALL newly renovated! Most have new toilets and new bathtubs, too...
    Also, the decks are pretty spacious, we are going to try to grow some vegetables and spices and such.
    By the way, it's SO easy to make a greenhouse on these decks, too!! I've seen it done before :)
    As long as you get a suite facing the east south or west you'll get a ton of sun! (yes, facing crackyntire or 1st is the best option.)

    I know two bedrooms probably sucks a bit, but it's actually quite big. My sewing station is going to go in the dining roomish area.
    Just a tidbit, though!
    If you guys need help moving let us know!

  2. A three year lease??! Damn! That's crazy!
    Hope everything works out for you, love <3
    I'm here if you need me!!


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