Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I called the police on my landlord.

y landlord reads my blog! I have no idea how she knows about it, but as the story goes, she drove over to my place. Which, by the way, would have been a five minute walk. She demands to see the mold, and when we show it to her, she gets livid, and says that it's our fault for not maintaining the roof. No, more like she's gone and painted over a disgusting fallacy. She came in, screaming (in front of Luca, though I told her many times to calm down) about how it's not mold, when obviously roof leaks + old trailer is the recipe for black mold. She demanded I take down my blog, because for some reason she thinks it's illegal to express my constitutional right to speak freely. More info on your constitutional rights here!

She wouldn't leave the trailer when I asked her to, telling me that it's her trailer and she doesn't have to leave. So, because I felt like she was acting aggresively, I dialed the police. When I told her that I was calling the cops, she told me that she'd leave. When I hung up, she started yelling at me again. So I called the police a second time and didn't hang up. The best part of all of this? I got it on video. Well, the audio part, at least. So I have proof of all I've said and I'm thinking that after speaking to the poe poe about this further, and seeing how she's going to deal with all of this, I may upload it to YouTube with appropriate tags.

Slander is illegal but only if you are defaming someone else falsely. For instance, if you were to say that Joanne is a cheater and you tell everyone in town that she always cheats and lies, this is slander. If you say that Joanne cheated in a game of bingo and this is true, it is not slander because you aren't saying anything that is false even though it is not a positive comment. So Joanne wouldn't be able to threaten you with legal action if something you said about her was true.

I'm planning on warning people about Burl's Trailer Court via other free-speech mediums, ie. Craigslist and Kijiji. Because I don't ever want anyone to go through this. 


  1. I assume that you reported the mold infestation to the Prince George Health inspector so they could condemn it, and prevent further troubles for other people :)

  2. I called and they said that because I was moving out, there was nothing they could do.


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