Monday, March 7, 2011

My day in bullet form.

First, I must recommend that you listen to this eerie song. It's kind of magnificent, and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. I believe it's about the singers struggles with anorexia, and while I've never had to fight with the disease, I still appreciate the song.

  • I realized I haven't made a snowman this winter.
  • The patches I ordered came in today! First we have Mr. Octopie. He's got a designated spot on the back part of my jacket. Displaying my love for all things cephalopod.  Second is the well known image in which Mrs.Alice meets the hookah smoking caterpillar 
  • Paid for someones groceries. Consequently, didn't have enough money for my own.
  • My landlord came up and offered to plow my walkway for me so it would be easier for us to get our stuff out. Peace offering?
  • One of my friends turned 17 the other day! Here's a picture of the squid pendant I've crafted for her. He's made from polymer clay. Hoping she enjoys it as much as I do!
another cephalopod!


  1. So cool! Also, I love Queen Adreena! I can't remember if you've posted Queen Adreena before and I said the same thing... :/

  2. Upon further investigation, no you/I did not.. Maybe on facebook?


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