Saturday, March 19, 2011

Make your own diapers!!!

We are moving into an apartment the beginning of next month, and we're not going to have a washing machine, so I figured, well I better learn how to make them so I never run out! I've also been frustrated with the lack of natural fibers used in cloth diapers. The fuzzibunz I currently own are basically plastic wrapped in plastic shipped from the overseas sweatshops of China, yet claim to be Eco-friendly.While they may be more earth friendly then disposables, why should we need to choose a lesser evil?

To the point, this is when a friend sent me a link to Rita's Rump Diapers. Rita offers a free print-out template and clear instructions on cloth diaper making! It's really simple and I've made about 3 diapers out of old receiving blankets. You could also use old cotton or flannel sheets. All together I've spent a dollar on the elastic to make three diapers. So cheap! I'm really not an advanced sewer, either, and my sewing machine isn't an expensive one. Also, I had never sewed an elastic before this, and it came out great! In thirty minutes, I had finished my first cloth diaper. I'll be customising them to fit Luca, and I think that's probably the best part. They're made for your baby, by you. They fit newborn to toddler.

I made this with a receiving blanket!

While you do need a sewing machine, and a printer to print the pattern off, but you could probably buy yourself new ones with the money you'll be saving using her patterns. Especially if you used disposable diapers before making your own. (like me..)

If you're more of a visual learner, here's a video to go along with the pattern. It helped me a ton as she's very concise in her instructions.

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