Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air plants!

Now I'll be the first to admit, I'm no green thumb. 
My fern is wilting away in the corner of the room, and my dieffenbachia no longer has any leaves. The sago palms leaves are bleached yellow. It's all very depressing. I do love plants, I love the way they look. I love the oxygen they fill the room with. I just have little success with maintaining a watering schedule, or keeping a proper temperature (pilot light goes out once a week) for my plants to thrive. Fungus gnats were a bit problem for awhile there and had a lot to do with over watering on my part.. heh.
I was recently given a little lemon sprout. He's flourishing, and while not all of my gardening endeavours are complete fails, I'm willing to say that it's a pretty 50/50 split... okay maybe more 60/40.
I've gotten better though! I've had more time for my plants (and self) as baby has become more independent, and we'll be moving to a place with a more stable temperature in just under a week (yay!). I think it's time to try again! I'll still be giving my green thumbed friend my Sago Palm. Mostly because I found out the plant is extremely toxic to humans and pets. My fern is starting to brighten up since I began misting it every day. Now that spring is here, I'm going to give a go at this gardening thing again.

I'm going to buy a frew airplants in the next few days. writing this post has kind of reminded me about them! They require no soil, and are probably the most low maintenance plant I've come across. All they require is some soaking once a week, and indirect sunlight. For care instructions and info, click here! I've been browsing etsy for the past few hours, and it's no big surprise that people have come up with all sorts of artsy ways of arranging air plants. All air plants here are available for purchase. Just click the pictures! I'm not affiliated with any of these shops.

If you're really interested in these, they sell them super cheap here!

Check a few of these out:


This has to be my favorite though! 
and I love these suction air plants!


    jk, our cats don't fuck with plants. And I can put it up high anyways :P
    man, i've seen those plant things on etsy they're so cool!! (the layouts) what on earth is that plant light????
    and that air plant... omg that's cool!!!!

    By the way, i like the new layout!

  2. Oh yeah!! Don't give up. gardening can be tough, and even I have things die sometimes... (it makes me really sad D: ) haha but it's totally worth it, and growing won't be that tough when spring starts. It's hard to maintain in fall and winter because not a lot of sun

  3. the plant light is really cool I think haha! expesive though... :| Thanks for the kind words on gardening! You should see the lemon sprout! He unbraided himself, and his leaves are really perfect. So cute :D


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