Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's amazing what a difference two hours to myself can make in effecting the rest of my day. I'm a bit spoiled as far as mommies go. Luca sleeps around 11 hours, and has since he was born. I'm usually on the same schedule, but for some reason woke up about two hours early.  I did laundry with both hands! And folded it fresh out of the dryer! I made myself a pot of coffee, showered, and even got some alone time with Denny. -ahem-
Afterwards, however, I found myself sitting on the edge of the bed, kind of willing Luca to wake up. Usually I'm just coasting through the day until he takes a nap so I can do something for myself but I just couldn't wait for him to make his squeaky little baby noises, open his baby blues and give me that little "good morning mama" smile. Once in awhile Luca's grandma will come over and Dennis and I will go to town for lunch or something. A few hours after leaving, I usually end up missing Luca to the degree I can't enjoy myself anymore, and every half hour I stop walking because I get a strong feeling that I've left something important somewhere. I think that's where I find the biggest value in going out and being away from him. Coming home and realizing just what a gift he is. It's a lot like Dennis and work. I don't enjoy him leaving for work, but I love him coming home.
We're planning on going out as a family on Wednesday though! I find it really tough to get around with Luca because of the snow, and the lack of plowing in Prince George. Sidewalks mysteriously vanish into snowbanks, giving you one of two choices. Cross the busy highway, or backtrack to the nearest crosswalk (sometimes costing you ten minutes). The buses come once an hour, and most shop owners aren't fond of people seeking warmth while waiting for the bus. Even with a baby. But with Dennis around, I can cuddle Luca into me while he pushes the buggy. Ah, I can't wait. 
Furthermore, I can't wait till spring! It's always a bit different then I envision it, but I always imagine Luca and I picnicking under the shade of a big old oak. When I was pregnant, I always dreamed of the day I'd sit out on the grass with Luca, toiling the day  away. About a week after he was born, I folded a big sheet up, prepared some sandwiches, grabbed a book and set it all up on my front yard. Right on top of an ant hill. The biting kind. I really do want Luca to be in touch with nature though. I want to spend as much time as I can outside with him. The place we're hoping to move into has a balcony that I'd like to start a garden on. It's a one bedroom, and I love it... except for the stairs. There is no elevator, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get the stroller down those stairs. probably have to rig up the sling and make a few trips. More exercise, though! 
Speaking of which...
Luca's grandpa is getting us a jogging stroller! Since I've been eating really healthfully, I've had the huge desire to exercise. I've been Hula Hooping every chance I get, but this is going to be amazing! Luca will just love it! The ones with the 16 inch wheels are kind of the ones we're looking at, as we can go a bit offroad with them. Oh Spring, won't you hurry up?


  1. That's awesome!
    That's what I imagine with my children, too. :)
    where are you guys moving to hopefully? those apartments in the hart?

  2. Yeah, definatly! I called the manager and he said there was one available downstairs now. Unfortunatly there is water damage in that one, but they're fixing it right now. Might just take the upstairs one to be sure there's no mold aha. We're going to go view it a second time tomorrow =].

  3. Oh awesome. I just noticed this comment now! Are you taking the top one to be safe? The bottom ones are always bad.. Same with these apartments... They ALWAYS flood


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