Monday, August 15, 2011

the best of times.

I'm trying to stay away from you, computer. But I do miss blogging. 
I'll let all of you in on what's been up since my last entry. Artswells got better, even though it did rain the entire time, I had lots of friends around to lend me a hand with Luca. Some of my favorite performances were at night, so I ended up dancing with Luca until he went to sleep, and then I'd dance until 3 or 4 in the morning, and the bands would quit playing. Luca would sleep in his umbrella stroller or on the bleachers with his little noise blocking earmuffs on while I danced beside him. The ride home was even enjoyable, with good music and amazing friends, and we hit up barkerville before heading home on the last day. Wells is such a sweet little town, with adorable little houses all very colorful and box shaped. Next year I'll be better prepared and I won't come alone. Here are a few pictures from Artwells. :]

Luca's uncle helping him get his balance.
We pedaled this thing around town with Luca on my lap, and picked up a few hitchhikers while we went.

When it was really rainy, and we needed a break, we'd hang out in the tent, and I'd let Luca root through the bags.
Just one example of one of the houses in Wells.

Pulling off his socks! Also, I'm never using an umbrella stroller again!
When we actually arrived home, Dennis had invited a hitchhiker to stay the night. Can't say I loved the fellow, but whatever. :P 
So yeah, since getting back, we've basically been jogging, and out all of the time. I'm starting to go to yoga every Wednesday, and slow down on eating dairy. I think it was contributing to my feeling lethargic, and my weight gain. I gained 30 pounds in a few months time. It was a bit tough to get out of the cycle of not exercising/eating unhealthily, but I guess all I really needed to do was get out more often, and be more picky with my food. I ended up buying a BOB Revolution SE stroller, and I feel more inclined to get out since getting it. It's like pushing air.. especially after pushing that damned umbrella stroller all weekend. 
In addition to making my own lifestyle more healthy, I've been trying to do the same for Luca. We've been waking up at 10am most mornings, and I'm hoping to get it down to 7am and eventually 6:30. I've been writing down his nap times, and I never really realized it, but his naps are fairly consistent. This should help me plan our days more, and help us figure out how to get him to bed by 9 or 10pm. Well... the munchkin is waking up now.

Have a beautiful day.
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