Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Alabama Tornados and how you can help.

With the world still recovering from the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, it's heartbreaking to find out about the massive tornado that devastated Alabama today, killing more then two hundred people. Two hundred people from as many families. Mothers, fathers, children, all displaced. It's impossible for me to understand how hard it must be for these people to start over, some of them now alone, without their families as I sit comfortably, in my living room, cuddling my son..
Even if all you can do is hope or, if religious, pray for these people.

If you have a few extra dollars, consider donating at

Also, as an afterthought, before donating to any charity, check it over with or They hold charities accountable and rate them based on the amount of money they spent on advertising, aid, etc. so you can make a more informed decision.


It just feels like it's going to be a great day! The suns beckoning me out for a hike, and I think I'll go do that after writing this. My chives are starting to really take off and the same can be said for my beans. I don't know it they're all like this (I bought Heirloom variety), but their stalks are so sturdy, where with my chives I have to be cautious even just watering them. Gardening is so much fun. There's something so indescribably glorious about growing your own food! I thought it might be a bit of a chore caring for my vegetables, but i find myself looking forward to each new leaf. A friend packaged up some of the compost from the worm bin at the Third Avenue Collective. I would really like start vermicomposting (odourless, space-saving, indoor composting using worms) because it looks pretty easy, and really rewarding as well. Well I'm going to go try to figure out how to use the sling! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Shape of a Mother.

Fertility goddess

Recently, I came across a website called The Shape of a Mother. It's a collection of postpartum images of the nude female. It's been such a large part of my healing process, and finally feeling at peace with myself.  
Now, I struggle, and have struggled with body image for a long time, and after giving birth things haven't really changed, except for my now non-existant bum, and stretch marks. While I did lose twenty pounds through eating well, my tummy still holds onto some chub, and my breasts have began to sag. I remember being pregnant, and so self concious of my stretch marks that I had them photoshopped out of the photos from my pregnancy photoshoot. They weren't allowed to make an appearance in my pictures. I didn't want to remember myself that way, and I guess I just didn't want anyone to see me that way either. 
The body of a mother is talked about ridiculed , but never seen... unless it's Kim Kardashia who, four weeks later, still hasn't snapped back to her pre-baby body. (please, after having Luca, I didn't have the time to shower, nevermind rigorously exercise and follow a strict diet plan).
I feel a little upset when I read these headlines after looking at all the beautiful woman in my life who come in all sorts of packaging. When I hear my friends talk about how aweful they look, I never see anything that could cause such inward hatred, yet when I would look at my own reflection, I could understand. That was then though, and I'm starting to fall in love with the body I was given, and all of the fantastic things it does.

Moving forward

Dennis and I went hiking, talked, and then registered for school. I feel a bit better after talking about everything. Things are tricky at this moment, but i feel better about going back to school. I'm in charge of my own destiny, and I'm still young. I really just need to get a better grip on the "now" and my needs because it's the decisions I make now that will shape the rest of Luca's and my life.
Luca stood unsupported for the first time yesterday. He'll be walking soon! How intimidating.
Speaking of intimidating! I'm doing the diaper making workshop today. I have troubles carrying on a conversation with a close friend, nevermind 9 other people. Luca just woke up after a record hour and a half long nap. thanks little buddy. :]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey, I miss you.

I came home today, and found the internet browser open to a kijiji listing for a one bedroom basement suite today. 
The idea of 'divorce' is really not something I like to think about. Sometimes I find myself pondering whether he's the one I want to be with for the rest of my life. Perhaps a break is what we need. Then again, maybe not. I couldn't picture myself even holding someone the way I love to hold him. I love him, but I find myself missing who he was, the vigor and youthfulness that once announced itself in his step. His laughter, and the way he once took care of himself. I guess I just miss talking to him mostly.. Things will get better. They have to.


Monday, April 25, 2011

I am now [mostly] bald.

Well, I went to my moms house and she shaved my dreadlocks off. 
Here's a before shot.

and the after

I've never actually seen or felt my scalp before and while it is a bit odd, it feels nice. I can't stop rubbing my head on furniture, and the feel of the wind is incredible.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fme Jeans. So much fail.

I just have one question. 
Where would your vagina go?
Nevermind bum cleavage, you'll be showing off your labia in these...

Note the really badly photoshopped bow-leggedness.

Thanks to Erica for... well, bring this to light.
For more antics, read her blog here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

8CTO Design!

Labradorite and oxidized silver.

Sometimes I come across a jeweler who stands out to me, and I want to share them with all of you! So, when I found 8CTO Design, I knew I'd be blogging about her work, because everything she puts out is beautiful. Everything she puts out is handmade out of California. While she does have a great variety of jewellery, my favorites are the "Mystic Blue Stone~ Labradorite" collection. I love when natural materials are used to create a piece of jewellery. To me, there is something unquestionably beautiful about a semi precious stone (the right stone) coordinated with oxidized silver, brass or copper to create a piece of wearable art.
Her selection isn't limited to chunky bangles, or dainty feminine pieces. She eases from one style and collection to another comfortably and flawlessly. When looking at an artists creations, I tend to see hesitation when switching up mediums, and things end up to look forced or rushed, but all her work is consistent. Here's her mission statement, taken from her facebook page.

In her early years as a fine artist, her drawings and paintings have progressed from realism to abstraction and then into three dimensions. While attending RISD, she learned to work with wood, ceramics, glass, various polymers and their different production methods. She also began to explore metal design, from traditional metal smiting to precision milling works incorporating precious metals, cast iron and heavy alloys.
This knowledge informs her present work and the fascination with the medium resonates in it as well. She has a supreme commitment to the materiality of her work, and an unwavering insistence on maintaining the integrity of the process and the materials in developing her visual vocabulary.

Now for a few drool-worthy pieces!
(note the variety)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Third Avenue Collective.

In the heart of downtown Prince George, the Third Avenue Collective sits tucked away. Activists, free thinkers, and a grass roots community thrive here, with their voices heard. Free zines, warm (fair trade) coffee, conversation and books on pretty much everything that doesn't belong anywhere else.
Transgender, homosexual, woman's rights, capitalism, anarchist, do-it-yourself, gardening, are all found on the shelves. Meeting so many people with intentions on making the world a more tolerant place is refreshing.
The first volunteer meeting (of many to come) was held tonight, and we talked about what we wanted to see happen with the Collective. So many good ideas came to light. The possibility of planting organic veggies in the parking lot or even making use of the roof for growing food was brought up. Working with the ABCF by writing encouraging letters to political prisoners and Prisoners of War while they serve their sentences was also talked about.
I believe we'll even be working on a float for the annual Pride Parade.
On Saturdays, Food Not Bombs is held, which is founded on the fact that governments continue to let people starve, while spending billions on genocide overseas. Free vegetarian and vegan food is donated, and brought up from dumpsters, often cooked, and then given to those in need.
Recently, an art exhibit was held there. "spOIL" showcased art centered around destructive oil spills, and the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline that Enbridge wants to run through British Columbia.
I'll also be holding a workshop beginning April 27th at 6:30 on making rita's rump cloth pocket diapers. I did a blog on this type of diaper, with the instructions I used to make them. I know not all of you live nearby, but if you're ever in the area, I volunteer on Wednesdays! :]

Friday, April 8, 2011

Smiles, strawberries, and ovens?

I'm just waiting for my mom to come over, and it should be any minute now. I want to put Luca in the sling and take advantage of both the trails and beautiful weather on the Hart. We've moved four times in nine months but at last, I think we've found home! I'm disappointed that I cant grow tons of veggies and start a big garden, but I'll grow what we need in hanging baskets and invest in some worms for a vermicompost. This year, I'm going to start with tomatoes and herbs, and maybe some strawberries. Luca loves strawberries! He only has his bottom two teeth in, and he kind of scrapes bits of the strawberry off because he can't yet chew it. It ends up getting everywhere, and staining everything, and then it's bath time!

Eating a strawberry at Grandma's house.
My momma just got in, and she's playing with baby boy while I finish sewing two more diapers. As of right now, I have about 16 diapers! I'll never run out hehe. I want about four more, and then I'll start on the ones I'm giving away. It would be cool if I could start a class on making your own diapers down at the Third Avenue Collective. It's almost free to make them, and I'm sure there are tons of moms who would love to know how to do it. I wish I had known how awesome these pocket diapers were before I went out and supported fuzzibunz sweatshop diapers. I feel guilty using them on Luca, so I might just re-sell these after I replace them with my own.

The landlord at Burl's Trailer Court on the Hart is being her charming self again, and this time, she's running around telling everyone how gross our oven was when we moved. I guess it was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. Luca's Grandma brought her over to her trailer to show her her own oven so she could make a comparison between the two. I'll let you guys come to your own conclusions.

Our oven.
Grandma's oven.

I think it does bear mentioning that like all awesome grandma's, she bakes a ton in this oven, and she's pretty big on the meat eating. This means tons of roasts, chicken, etc. Oh the greasy artery clogging heaven. We're vegetarians, and I can't bake worth shit. The only thing our oven has been used for is ready-bake cookies, polymer clay, and veggie lasagna. Sure, it's not as clean as it should have been but I honestly don't see the problem.

Whatever. I'm going to take a nice walk in the jogging stroller Luca's grandma bought us. I'll post a review after I go jogging with it. Yeah. I have a jogging stroller but all of my footwear are hiking boots. Weeeoo. Have a beautiful day, and stay golden.

Recent Etsy finds.

Oh my gosh. Whilst browsing etsy, I came across what I consider to be the coolest t-shirt ever. I've also come to the conclusion that, hells YES it's worth a blog post. Check it out. The price reflects the fact that Eugene Hutz's face is painted on the shirt by hand. For those of you who didn't know who Eugene Hutz is, you need to check this video out for his band, Gogol Bordello. Also, watch Filth and Wisdom if given the chance! 

Well now I'm going on a huge Gogol Bordello kick and now I feel like sharing another find as well.

These pants have already been sold but oh my goodness, this seller is amazing! The shop (Thaitee) is located in NakhonRatchasima, North-East Thailand. I love all of the wrap around Thai fisherman pants and as soon as some cash comes in, I'm going to splurge on a few pairs. One size fits all means I won't have to go out and buy new pants every time I lose (and yes, gain) weight. 

I may just go with the flow, and showcase some of my favorite finds on etsy on here for all of you.

I'll give you all a peek at Luca's present from mom and dad for his one year birthday. This tunic is super duper cute. Made out of hand dyed hemp/organic cotton fleece, with "treehugger" embroidered on the back with a pointed hood, it's just, well, awesome!All the coats are made in the United States by Rebecca. Her etsy shops name is "handful".

Out of the community of artists on etsy, Rima Staines stands out to me. She sells her art through etsy under the name "thehermitage". Her blog is always an uplifting read as well. She lives in such a beautiful place, it's doubtless that her art takes inspiration from the forests of England.

Hkinnally is a mother of five and a (mostly) self taught jewellery designer from the United States who works with metal and semi precious stones. My favorite pieces in her shop are her wire wrapped pieces. I actually bought this one a few months ago, and when it unravelled slightly, she sent me a new one and fixed the problem, and on top of that, she actually offered a discount toward future purchases. She also has a blog with tutorials on some basic jewellery techniques!

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