Friday, April 8, 2011

Recent Etsy finds.

Oh my gosh. Whilst browsing etsy, I came across what I consider to be the coolest t-shirt ever. I've also come to the conclusion that, hells YES it's worth a blog post. Check it out. The price reflects the fact that Eugene Hutz's face is painted on the shirt by hand. For those of you who didn't know who Eugene Hutz is, you need to check this video out for his band, Gogol Bordello. Also, watch Filth and Wisdom if given the chance! 

Well now I'm going on a huge Gogol Bordello kick and now I feel like sharing another find as well.

These pants have already been sold but oh my goodness, this seller is amazing! The shop (Thaitee) is located in NakhonRatchasima, North-East Thailand. I love all of the wrap around Thai fisherman pants and as soon as some cash comes in, I'm going to splurge on a few pairs. One size fits all means I won't have to go out and buy new pants every time I lose (and yes, gain) weight. 

I may just go with the flow, and showcase some of my favorite finds on etsy on here for all of you.

I'll give you all a peek at Luca's present from mom and dad for his one year birthday. This tunic is super duper cute. Made out of hand dyed hemp/organic cotton fleece, with "treehugger" embroidered on the back with a pointed hood, it's just, well, awesome!All the coats are made in the United States by Rebecca. Her etsy shops name is "handful".

Out of the community of artists on etsy, Rima Staines stands out to me. She sells her art through etsy under the name "thehermitage". Her blog is always an uplifting read as well. She lives in such a beautiful place, it's doubtless that her art takes inspiration from the forests of England.

Hkinnally is a mother of five and a (mostly) self taught jewellery designer from the United States who works with metal and semi precious stones. My favorite pieces in her shop are her wire wrapped pieces. I actually bought this one a few months ago, and when it unravelled slightly, she sent me a new one and fixed the problem, and on top of that, she actually offered a discount toward future purchases. She also has a blog with tutorials on some basic jewellery techniques!


  1. Eugene Hutz is the sexiest man alive. haha!! I'm glad you know who he is. Have you ever seen Everything is Illuminated? It has Eugene Hutz and Elijah Wood in it. It's awesome. A little sad, though...

    Oh my gossssh that little tunic is ADORABLE!!

    You know what's funny? I also watch thaitee! I've been admiring their pants for some time... I love the aladdin yoga pants but they won't fit :( haha! I gotta lose some weight :D

  2. Awe hehe thanks! I'm going to get the tunic in like 3t (3 year old toddler) size so that Luca can wear it for a long time. It'll be perfect for potty training, so he won't have to run around completely naked.

    thaitee is an awesome shop. so many beautiful fabrics also!

    rima stines reminds me of you. Her blog kinda makes me think of the future you'd like, with independance and everything.

  3. Wow! I like her blog a lot. Where does she live? Like where exactly in the uk?

  4. Hello, thank you so much for featuring my work here, happy you love it! I love Gogol Bordello's music too :)
    And yes.. Dartmoor is a beautiful place to live...
    All best wishes from this corner of it


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