Friday, April 8, 2011

Smiles, strawberries, and ovens?

I'm just waiting for my mom to come over, and it should be any minute now. I want to put Luca in the sling and take advantage of both the trails and beautiful weather on the Hart. We've moved four times in nine months but at last, I think we've found home! I'm disappointed that I cant grow tons of veggies and start a big garden, but I'll grow what we need in hanging baskets and invest in some worms for a vermicompost. This year, I'm going to start with tomatoes and herbs, and maybe some strawberries. Luca loves strawberries! He only has his bottom two teeth in, and he kind of scrapes bits of the strawberry off because he can't yet chew it. It ends up getting everywhere, and staining everything, and then it's bath time!

Eating a strawberry at Grandma's house.
My momma just got in, and she's playing with baby boy while I finish sewing two more diapers. As of right now, I have about 16 diapers! I'll never run out hehe. I want about four more, and then I'll start on the ones I'm giving away. It would be cool if I could start a class on making your own diapers down at the Third Avenue Collective. It's almost free to make them, and I'm sure there are tons of moms who would love to know how to do it. I wish I had known how awesome these pocket diapers were before I went out and supported fuzzibunz sweatshop diapers. I feel guilty using them on Luca, so I might just re-sell these after I replace them with my own.

The landlord at Burl's Trailer Court on the Hart is being her charming self again, and this time, she's running around telling everyone how gross our oven was when we moved. I guess it was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. Luca's Grandma brought her over to her trailer to show her her own oven so she could make a comparison between the two. I'll let you guys come to your own conclusions.

Our oven.
Grandma's oven.

I think it does bear mentioning that like all awesome grandma's, she bakes a ton in this oven, and she's pretty big on the meat eating. This means tons of roasts, chicken, etc. Oh the greasy artery clogging heaven. We're vegetarians, and I can't bake worth shit. The only thing our oven has been used for is ready-bake cookies, polymer clay, and veggie lasagna. Sure, it's not as clean as it should have been but I honestly don't see the problem.

Whatever. I'm going to take a nice walk in the jogging stroller Luca's grandma bought us. I'll post a review after I go jogging with it. Yeah. I have a jogging stroller but all of my footwear are hiking boots. Weeeoo. Have a beautiful day, and stay golden.

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  1. Wow! That's hilarious. Your oven is ridiculously clean even compared to ours, which I thought was pretty clean for an oven and having not been cleaned in months (and months)

    That would be cool if you taught a class like that!!


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