Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Third Avenue Collective.

In the heart of downtown Prince George, the Third Avenue Collective sits tucked away. Activists, free thinkers, and a grass roots community thrive here, with their voices heard. Free zines, warm (fair trade) coffee, conversation and books on pretty much everything that doesn't belong anywhere else.
Transgender, homosexual, woman's rights, capitalism, anarchist, do-it-yourself, gardening, are all found on the shelves. Meeting so many people with intentions on making the world a more tolerant place is refreshing.
The first volunteer meeting (of many to come) was held tonight, and we talked about what we wanted to see happen with the Collective. So many good ideas came to light. The possibility of planting organic veggies in the parking lot or even making use of the roof for growing food was brought up. Working with the ABCF by writing encouraging letters to political prisoners and Prisoners of War while they serve their sentences was also talked about.
I believe we'll even be working on a float for the annual Pride Parade.
On Saturdays, Food Not Bombs is held, which is founded on the fact that governments continue to let people starve, while spending billions on genocide overseas. Free vegetarian and vegan food is donated, and brought up from dumpsters, often cooked, and then given to those in need.
Recently, an art exhibit was held there. "spOIL" showcased art centered around destructive oil spills, and the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline that Enbridge wants to run through British Columbia.
I'll also be holding a workshop beginning April 27th at 6:30 on making rita's rump cloth pocket diapers. I did a blog on this type of diaper, with the instructions I used to make them. I know not all of you live nearby, but if you're ever in the area, I volunteer on Wednesdays! :]

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