Friday, March 25, 2011

Oil in Eden.

We went to the Prince George Travelling Film Festival last night, and saw "Oil in Eden." Watch the 15 minute film below!

It's a documentary about the pipeline the Enbridge Corporation wants to build form the Alberta tar sands across the rocky mountains, ending in Kitamat, where the oil will be then be put in tankers who will have to navigate through the many islands to get to their destination. This is crazy! Not only would a pipeline through the mountains be risky business, but to expect a tanker to be able to navigate these islands is just insanity. Here's a map of the pipeline, and you can see how small the channels that these tankers are supposed to navigate through.

Click me for a better image!

First Nations communities all over British Columbia are opposed to the building of the pipeline, as coastal communities rely on the fishing and game for food. "It's not a matter of if but when a major oil spill would happen if they were to go ahead with this proposal. That will impact salmon, bears, and the incredible wildlife that goes on there. Not to mention First Nation Communities that rely on the ocean for survival" We can we step up to this corporate giant and say no, though! Respect the native land, and its wildlife, and say no to Enbridge Oil.

Sign a petition here

and here's a website for more information!

If you want to go that extra mile spread the word and contact Enbridge, letting them know that you want BC to remain beautiful! For a more permanant solution, perhaps think about cutting down on the plastics you use day to day, or take the bus to work once a week!

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