Friday, July 29, 2011

Our summer so far.

Here are a few pictures from our summer, taken by Luca's nana Jan. Enjoy!

Uncle Jesse got Luca's handprint tattooed on his leg.

Luca wakes up in time for his first birthday party!

My mom helped make his birthday happen. She helped so much!

Uncle Jesse's birthday gift to Luca.

He loves his indoor sandbox

Nana and poppys birthday gift, and Luca's first slam dunk.

Luca's first time in his mushroom pool!

Cute little bloomers.

He got out, but turned back realizing that the water was much warmer then outside was.

Such a cute facial expression.

Nana drying him off. :]
Love, from our family to yours.


  1. These pictures make me happy. :]

  2. I'm happy these make you happy! :D

  3. I still love these pictures. ^_^


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