Thursday, July 28, 2011

Festival tomorrow!

I'm leaving for Artswells tomorrow! The friend who had originally offered to give me a ride was unable to after hitting a deer, but 24 hours later, someone posted on the ride share board offering a ride from prince george to wells so... yay! I've been going going going all day today, and asked my mom to take Luca for the next ttwo hours so I could really start packing. We went and visited his aunty dawn today, and I also bought a pair of Nomads Hempwear organic cotton/hemp "Grab Pants" and an organic cotton/soy "Blossom" shirt. Both are made in Nelson BC, and I've been a fan of their facebook for sometime now, but didn't know until today that they sell clothes out of the Homeworks store in downtown Prince George. I love them so much! The were on sale for 20% off to boot. Now that I've got my comfy hemp wear, unbleached, compostable diapers for luca, enough Amy's canned organic soup for the weekend, and Luca's hearing protection, and I feel like I'm ready to go to Wells. I'm going to see if they have any sort of computer cafe or something I can hop on and give you all an update but I doubt I'll try that hard, I'll probably be so immersed in the festivities. I'm looking forward to camping out the most probably. Still a bit weary about going with Luca, especially with all of this rain. Hoping it will work out favorably though. Oh, and I forgot to mention! Luca's nana and I went out and bought a B.O.B. jogging stroller. They're top of the line, and I just can't wait to run my butt off when it comes in on the 15th. I gained a ton of weight and I just feel lethargic when I don't exercise for long periods of time. I can't even hula hoop because I'm making a rug with my hoop! I'm such a procrastinator!

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