Friday, July 22, 2011

Going to Artswells Music Festival!

Artswells music festival is coming up in just a week and I'm starting to get really excited! I just got back from getting my fringe cut, and found a ten dollar second hand sleeping bag in a store window! I love the Hart for stuff like that. After buying the sleeping bag, I went into the little cafe in the mall, and bought myself a fair trade coffee, and chatted with the owner about cloth diapers. I showed her one of the ones i make and she wants to start selling them! If I sell enough, I can invest in some lovely organic cottons. Maybe even a snap press! Oh so many possibilities... if only I could stop giving my diapers away!!! :P
Dennis and I are splitting the cost and buying a Beco baby carrier so Luca can enjoy the music from my arms, and I'm so happy we bought hearing protection for him. I've never even been to Wells or Barkerville so I'm not really sure what's there in terms of grocers or whether I should cloth diaper while I'm there and just do laundry every day or use disposables. I'm leaning towards cloth but I don't really want to be packing them around all day, with our campsite being a half hour walk from the festival grounds, and taking the time out to wash the cloth would prove difficult. It's crazy how much more there is to plan when going somewhere with a child!
I'm going to start working on making a twirly circle skirt out of some cute flower print sheets for the festival today... if I can get Luca busy with something. It's hard to sew with him around. He just loves unwinding my threads. Well I should get to it! I'll be blogging more soon, seeing as my school is now on summer break until August I should have more time for blogging. Tons to do in the next week though! I'll try putting a blog up if there are any internet cafes in the little town of Wells BC. Have a good one, guys!

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