Friday, July 8, 2011

Luca turns 1 tomorrow!

I've been cooking, cleaning the house, baking, and creating decorations for the past 7 hours, fueled by coffee and dubstep. 

The cake isn't doing so well, and I'm stressed that we might not have enough chili to feed everyone. Then it's raining, and I had really counted on sunshine so we wouldn't need to cram everyone into my little one bedroom apartment. I don't think my chili is very good either. Bah. Hopefully the "potluck" part shows through and we end up having enough food. I really need to start decorating, and maybe shower at some point tonight. My mom's been amazing though.

Do any of you ever look through photos on facebook, and then scroll down to comment before realizing you already did... like a year ago? 'cause I do that a lot.

1 comment:

  1. It will be just fine.You worry too much.Next time I offer to get the cake just say "That would be great" and I'll get it.And I said yes I'd do the choc. cake balls and you were doing them when I took you shampoo.I try to help but ya never let me girl.....


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