Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random acts of kindness

I only fully realised after tonight that I've been sinking into depression. Grandma offered to watch Luca (at the last moment) while we went to an open mic poetry night at the Third Ave Collective. I brought a ton of wire and beads and made as many rings as possible, for as many people as possible. The chatter and laughter before and after poets melded together, and oh how at home I felt amid the community. So many different emotions, and styles, and people in the warm little room of the collective. someone even brought their pet cat. On the way home I made and gave away... *counts* ...ten more rings. I left a few at the bus stops and on the fire escape handles. I'm sure the right people will find them at the right time. I was doing heel clicks the entire way home... it feels ten times better giving then receiving. Knowing I made more then twenty people feel great, even for a second, just makes my heart soar to be the cause of something like that. Ah.
When we came home after frolicking about, we found Luca asleep, leaving us to enjoy our night. I feel giddy. On top of all of this, I found out about the Karma Exchange at Chinook Yoga in town. You do jobs for them in exchange for classes. Now money stipulations won't hold me back from learning yoga!

Oh, and Dennis managed to get me to try playing Portal tonight (video game), and I couldn't even get through the tutorial.


  1. I hope next time we meet I'll find a random piece of your jewellery in my car/purse/elliott's dipaer, who knows!

    Julie :)


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