Wednesday, May 11, 2011

+ as I achieve.

+Remember to go to school next week.
+Meet the sun, and start waking up at 7am.
+Get into yoga.
+Write poetry.
+Save up for a camera.
-Get certified infant first aid training.
-/+Grow more of my own food.
-Become a part of the Clean Water Coalition, helping get fluoride out of Prince George's water.


  1. i'd be more worried about the chlorine if i were you...

  2. The chlorine dissapates if you leave the water in your fridge for a day.
    You can't boil fluoride out, it only concentrates when you do that, and there's no way to get it out other then distilling it.

  3. Chlorine dissapates if you leave a jug of water open in the fridge overnight if you wait for 24 hours, where as flouride won't. You can't remove fluoride without a distiller.


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