Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abeego : the solution to Plastic Wrap!

Looking to reduce my reliance on toxic petroleum products while finding a safer method of packaging food, my search has landed me Abeego. As I own alot of glass wear, abeego flats have allowed me to forgo buying expensive glass storage containers. I was able to just place one over bowls or cups, and the three different sizes they come in in each pack make them a versitile choice. There are smaller squares, perfect for storing smoothies, a medium square I use for bowls, and the largest fits over smaller pans. I found it a bit tricky at first to get it sealed nicely, but it keeps my cheeses and leftovers fresher then plastic wrap, and my babies fruits and veggies crisp. The beeswax smell is subtle and very sweet, and I haven't noticed any transferring into my foods. I find them to be cost effective, as anything reusable tends to be. I can't help but mention the cuteness factor! There is a stitched detailing that comes in three different colors for a subtle little finish. I've had my Abeego products for about four months now, and I see no signs of wear on them. As soon as you wash them, they snap back and look new. What's most important to me, is my families health. I feel comfortable knowing the materials I'm using to cover their foods are leeching into our bodies.

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