Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden update.

Three days ago, I threw my fern out. (very finicky for a non-edible plant)so, I decided to use the soil for new plants. We ended haveing a potting party in my bathroom. Luca was so busy squishing the soil in his fingers, and even ate a bit of it while we did the real work of it. Dennises dragon carrots were put under the bathroom sink while mine were placed above the stove, and, for some reason, only one or two of his are just starting to sprout where most of mine are coming up in bushels. I'm wondering if it was the way he planted them (popped a finger into the soil, dropped a seed in, and covered it) might have packed the soil down or if it was just where we sprouted them. I'm considering planting a few in various ways to see which work really well. I still have so much learning to do..

My beans have bean flies. I noticed my plants yellowing, and spotting under a few of the leaves, and now there are little flies which fly out of the gap where the stem meets the soil. I found a fairly simple test online to be sure that that's what they are. You're supposed to peel back the stem of an infested plant and see if there are any maggots. Easy peasy ...if you're not irrationally afraid of maggots... I did it though. There were only one or two of the little bastards, but it was enough to make me jump out of my  skin! Now I need to find some neem, and take care of these pesky critters the organic way!

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