Saturday, June 25, 2011

a blog!

Hey all;
Sorry for my absence. My closest aunt may pass away, and it's left me a tad shaken. I've been pumping much of my energy into experiencing as much of life as possible and jogging, gardening, and stopping to smell every flower I come across. I really have to come to terms with death. It just jolts me like nothing else. On the more positive spectrum of things, I bought a pound of worms about a month ago and I now have a vermicompost going! A vermicompost is basically an odourless way to compost indoors. It doesn't smell, or take much effort, or space. It's also pretty facinating, and not nearly as intimidating as I'd anticipated. I was terrified at the thought of being in charge of a few thousand lives but my worms are doing swell!. Here's a great resource if you're interested in learning more about vermicomposting.
Oh god, and a few days ago, I learned that some cheese has rennet in it. That's calf stomach lining, and gelatin (mushed up animal bones) is found in most yogurts. Not terribly vegetarian. I feel like such a hypocrite... but lesson learned. I'm now an obsessive label reader

anyways, I should sleep. You know what would liven this post up? kid spinning. For more pictures, click here!
ps; these aren't my little ones.


  1. hey sunshine! i've been reading back a bit in your blog, and your gardening adventures brought to mind a conversation I had with my mom. She was telling me that my grandmother (who raised her kids out in Shelly and grew a ton of veg) grew corn every year. I really didn't think PG would be the right temp, but mom says that it wasn't a big deal. Are you into it for next year? You can plant it here if you don't have room at your place.

  2. Oh man, that would be wiked if it weren't for the bus ride! That was the one of the only things stopping me from getting a community gardern. It's a sweet offer though. I might just go up to peoples houses with especially unruly gardens and offer to beautify them and provide them with vegetables. ^^

  3. Could you post more info on the cheese/rennet please, I never heard of that before!

    Julie :)


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