Friday, December 23, 2011

Counting my blessings... (the little things)

We just had some old friends come and visit overnight from out of town with their little one. They left about an hour ago, and our house already feels so silent! Luca and their little one were chasing each other around, and playing like they too were old friends who had just waited too long to see one another. You never realize how lonely you are until you find yourself in good company! I've definitely been finding myself worn down lately but winter has it's way of doing that to a person. I see how much Luca enjoys watching the falling snow. He'll take my hand, and pull me to the window and point. "Look mama!" He wants nothing more then to be out in it... until it actually happens. Then he'll taste some snow, fall in it, terrified of how shockingly cold it is! He turns right around and wants to be back inside where it's warm. It's really sweet. He's been learning how to clean and pick up after himself lately. I'm always left in amazement at just how much he can do. How quickly he learns. When mama sits down to her accounting homework, he's there beside me, drawing his first lines, and curves. In a few short years- those scribbles will be letters, and numbers! We're hoping to homeschool him. I'll be in college while he's in school, so I'm not sure how, but we'll find a way to make it work. I've found myself so caught up in school, I need to remind myself several times a day, that there are other very important things I need to take care of... like taking time out to just hang out with Luca. Whether that's drawing, cuddling, or painting, and I'm so fortunate to have people in my life who help make everything possible, and put things into perspective.

Snowfall in our backyard!

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