Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bumblebee my birthday.

Busy busy busy. I've got a year left before I'm finished highschool, and then I'm on to college! (student loans and debt.) My birthday passed by on the 1st of November. We visited the Exploration place with some family, and watched them catapult pumpkins in the parking lot before they were composted. It's the first birthday I've had where every single gift was something that I loved. Dennis bought me a family membership to the Exploration Place, and nana got me a bookshelf. Some of my favorite people gifted a copy of the zine "Hotpants",  a diy gynecology book. Click the colored text to download it and share!  I'm going in on Tuesday to have my second tattoo done with the voucher for a free tattoo that my sister gave to me. I won't tell you what it is... yet. I will, however, upload a photo with which to share it with you when done!  :D

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